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Taiko Workshops in Japan PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Leong   
Thursday, 24 January 2008

ImageIf you are dreaming of going to Japan to study taiko, Tokara is giving two taiko workshops that may be the answer to your dreams! Both workshops will be held in Summer, 2008 and are a week long. The first workshop in July is for beginning/intermediate students. The August workshop is for advance students. August participation is limited, so if you are interested, you should inquire early. Be sure to contact Tokara directly.

The full information is available after the "read more" link.


Tokara Taiko Drumming Courses in Japan - summer of 2008

Recommended for Beginner/Early Intermediate students:

The INADANI Taiko Drumming Course A will take place from June 23rd - 28th, 2008.
This course is designed for the purpose of bringing the taiko practitioner closer to understanding the art that is Wadaiko in Japan. For this reason, the training site, nestled between the mountains of Shimoina, was specifically chosen to enhance an experience and atmosphere which cannot be had in any other country of the world.
This course offers a unique experience as it takes place in the heart of Japan - Nagano Prefecture. It is here that taiko, as a performing art, was created.  Each participant will be surrounded by and immersed in the culture from
which comes the heart and spirit of the Wadaiko. For details on the INADANI Taiko Drumming Course, please see the website at:

Recommended for Intermediate/Advanced:

The TOKARA Wadaiko Camp (also known as TOKARA Boot Camp) in Japan will take place from August 11th - 17th, 2008, during the most lively time of year in Japan...Obon Festival Season. This course will allow the taiko practicioner to fully immerse themselves in the world of taiko in Japan; from intensive training during the day to enjoying the rural life of Japan through festival performances every evening.  On the weekend, participants travel to Tokyo to see the Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest - a grouping of some of the up-and-coming taiko groups from all over Japan.  Then the Taiko Kenbunroku - the All-Star Concert featuring Honoo Daiko, Imafuku
Yuu, Yoshikazu Fujimoto of Kodo, and other specially chosen guest performers.  This is an opportunity for participants to experience what it is like to live in Japan as a taiko player, and to train in and see firsthand the vast abundance of taiko styles that thrive in Japan. Limited to 10 participants. For details on the TOKARA Wadaiko Camp, please see the website at:

To apply to the INADANI Taiko Drumming Course or the TOKARA Wadaiko Camp, please contact the TOKARA Office. We hope to see you this summer.

Wadaiko TOKARA Office Japan
831-1 Kega, Iida-city, Nagano-ken 395-0813
TEL: 0265-59-8768
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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