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Taiko On The Net

This page provides links to other Web sites.

Taiko Groups and Drummers
Web sites focusing on Taiko
Taiko Festivals
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Taiko Makers and Companies
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Some of the following pages are in Japanese, and a Japanese capable browser is required. For those who read Japanese, but do not have the appropriate language software, check out the excellent Shodouka service.

Taiko Drummers On The Net

Akatsuki Daiko is associated with Gyosei college in the UK.

Arahan, is a group led by the famous taiko player Sen Amano. Both sites are in Japanese.

Arashi Daiko of Montreal, Canada.

Circle Percussion is the first Taiko group in the Netherlands. Available in Dutch and English.

Denver Taiko

Diablo Taiko of Concord, CA.

Eden Aoba Taiko of Hayward, California.

Emeryville Taiko is an independent affiliate of the San Francisco Taiko Dojo..

Eugene Taiko. Jefferson Taiko is a high school Taiko Group that learns from one of Eugene Taiko's members.

Fubuki Daiko of Winnipeg.

Hi no Daiko is an Intangible Cultural Property of Mikuni town in Fukui prefecture. Available in English and Japanese.

Hinode of Winnipeg, Canada.

Izumi Taiko of Western Massachusetts, USA.

Kagemusha is based in the south of England.

Kaji Yama Taiko of Oakland, California.

Katari Taiko has page in conjunction with the Japan/Canada Internet Project.

The Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kishin Daiko has a page with a group photo and contact information.

Koshin Daiko of Venice, California.

Kita No Taiko of Edmonton, Alberta.

Kobushi of Dallas, Texas.

Kogen Daiko of Minneapolis/St. Paul is affiliated with the Twin Cities Buddhist Association.

KODO has no less than three websites: one is produced by Kodo itself, and two that are produced by Sony Records. The first Sony site seems to be hosted in the US, the second hosted in Japan. Kodo is regarded as one of the premier taiko groups. All the sites offer lots of information, nice images, and profiles of the members. The discography on the Sony sites is incomplete, however. Check the Rolling Thunder Discography for a more complete listing.

Kurashiki Tenryo Daiko has a page with nice images and sound to download.

Marco Lienhard was a member of Ondekoza, currently solo. This page is presented by The Rolling Thunder Taiko Resource.

Matsuri Shu, of Kyoto, Japan. Available in English or Nihongo

Matsuriza is a group that currently performs at Epcot Center in Disneyworld.

Mugenkyo is Englands's first professional taiko group.

Nihon Taiko Dojo is a Tokyo group affiliated with the Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten in Tokyo. Japanese capable browser required.

Northwest Taiko of Seattle, Washington.

Odaiko New England, of Massachusetts.

Oedo Sukeroku Daiko, of Tokyo, was the first professional taiko group. It's dynamic style has been tremendously influential, especially in North America.

Hiroshi Chu Okubo is a multi-talented musician who plays and composes for Taiko (among other instruments).

Onami of Union City, California.

Ondekoza has two homepages. One is hosted by Victor Japan and is in Japanese, the other is in English. Ondekoza is one of the oldest and most influential taiko groups.

One World Taiko of Seattle, Washington.

Oto-Wa Taiko, of Ottawa, Canada. The page is available in English and Francais.

Portland Taiko, of Oregon.

The L.A. Branch of Ryukyu-Koku Matsuri Daiko.

Ryu Shu Taiko of Farmingville, New York.

Sacramento Taiko Dan of California.

San Francisco Taiko Dojo was the first Taiko group to be formed in North America, in 1968.

San Jose Taiko was the third group to be formed in North America, and spans a history of over 25 years.

Sawagi Taiko have a page in conjunction with the Japan/Canada Internet Project.

Shasta Taiko of Mt. Shasta, CA.

Soh Daiko of New York, NY, was the first taiko group on the East coast.

Sonoma County Taiko, of California.

St.Cloud University Arashi Taiko Dan, of Minnisota.

St. Louis Osuwa Taiko of Washington University in Missouri.

Stanford Taiko is afflilated with Stanford University.

Tatsumaki Taiko of California.

Texas Tumbleweed Taiko.

Theater Mu, of Minneapolis, MN.

Tsunami Taiko of Seattle, Washington.

The University of California, Irvine, is home to UCI Jodaiko.

UCLA Kyodo Taiko is North America's first collegiate group.

UCR Taiko Ensemble of Riverside, California.

Uzume Taiko of Vancouver, Canada.

Wadaiko Yamato.

Warabiza performs traditional arts from Taiko to dancing.

Watsonville Taiko, of California.

Yakudo Taiko of Toronto, Canada.

Yamato of Nara, Japan. In Japanese, but they have an English page as well.

Yuko Daiko, of Florida. Samples of songs from their lastest CD are available for download.

Zenshuji Zendeko Taiko is a youth taiko group in Los Angeles, California.

Web sites focusing on Taiko

Taiko Center - Deutschland is a German site with archive, news and performance info sections.

Taiko in Deutschland also covers the German Taiko scene.

The Taiko Page is dedicated to showcasing images of Taiko Groups.

Taiko Festivals On The Net

The Nakayama Great Shrine Festival has a page with information. You can also purchase bachi at the festival and drum along!

This is a page describing the Niihama Taiko Matsuri.

The town of Wachi in Japan has a page about Wachi Daiko. Japanese capable browser required.

Taiko Organizations on the Net

The Taiko Center in Kyoto, Japan not only teaches Taiko, but writes music for other groups as well. They also produce instructional books and video.

The UK Taiko Network has a home page serving the needs of the UK Taiko Community. Homepages for Akatsuki Daiko and Mugenkyo can also be found here.

Taiko Makers And Companies On The Net

Asano Taiko is one of the leading Taiko makers of Japan. Their extensive facilities, located in Kanazawa, include the "Taiko no Sato" museum which displays various Taiko and drums from throughout the world.

Hotta Shingoro Taiko is a Taiko maker in the city of Tsushima, Japan. They have a site with nice images of their drums. You need a Japanese capable browser to view this site. For those who read Japanese, but do not have the appropriate language software, check out the excellent (but slow) Shodouka service.

Kawada Taiko Factory manufactures Taiko in Fukushima prefecture. They also have a showroom/office in Tokyo. Besides making Taiko, they also teach. Japanese capable browser required although an English version of their web page is in the works. For those who read Japanese but do not have the appropriate language software, check out the excellent (but slow) Shodoka service.

Kendo Music is home to the Taiko Center of the Pacific and the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble.

Parcwave, a Japanese company, has a beautiful Web site promoting their Taiko CD-ROM. The CD-ROM has music and video clips as well and seems to have been produced in conjunction with Asano Taiko.

Rolling Thunder produces its own line of taiko crafted as imports Asano taiko. A growing product line of CDs, videos and other items are also for sale.

Taiko Excursions On The Net

San Jose Taiko's history and preparations for their 25th anniversary concert are the subject of a SFgate article.

Mukade Daiko has a page up detailing it's trip to a sister city in Michigan.

For those of you who can read Japanese, there is a taiko chat page.

There is a article describing the completion of the largest Odaiko ever built. Amazing image showing just how big this monster is.

Shasta taiko has some images up and a short Quicktime movie as a showcase for the production house Synchronic Studios.

A page describing Eiichi Miyanaga's heavy metal approach to Taiko.

Tom McCarthy has a image of himself playing with Takayama Daiko.

The Taiko no Sato Drum Museum, in Matto city, Ishikawa prefecture, has an image up and the museum is open to visitors; 45 minute from Kanazawa station. See the Other Resource page for address.

The San Francisco Taiko Dojo has a short write up and a nice picture at the Fermilab arts page. Caution: the image take over four minutes to download over a 14.4 kbs modem.

Only for the hard-core Taiko fans - an image of Ondekoza playing.