European Taiko Groups

This is a listing of all the European and Australian Taiko groups that I have heard of. I have put up whatever infomation I possess, no matter how incomplete or sketchy. So some listings will have contact information, but some will only be a name depending on what I know about them. If you can add something, or fill in some of the holes in my info, please contact Dave at

All biographical or historical information given along with a group listing has been submitted by the group itself. Editorial comments by Rolling Thunder are enclosed in [brackets].

Akatora-Daiko Trier
Januarius-Zick-Strasse 91
54296 Trier
Contact: Rolf Hecking
Tel/Fax: +47 0651-15310

Akatora-Daiko is the Red Tiger taiko group of Trier. They started with 10 people, most of them students of the University of Trier. All members currently come from our Karate-Dojo of Trier university.

Akatsuki Daiko
James Barrow
34 Scott Close
Emmer Green
Tel/Fax: 0118 946 3317

The Wadaiko Club of Gyosei International College in the UK. Akatsuki Daiko is a 20-strong group of Japanese students living and studying in Reading, Berkshire. The first regularly performing taiko group in Britain, the group was was set up in 1993 by James Barrow, then a lecturer at the College, who has studied for over 4 years with Osamu Munkata, Head of the Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai. With the support of Gyosei International College the group has developed a powerful repertoire of both ancient and modern rhythms. The new group leader and musical director is Yoshio Shimazaki, who has carried out extensive research on Taiko, including visiting North American taiko groups, and has also studied with KODO on Sado Island.

CIRCLE Percussion
Industrieweg 16c
1231 KH Loosdrecht
The Netherlands
tel: 31 (0) 35 - 582 83 26
fax: 31 (0) 35 - 582 89 86
Manager: Gijsbert Zwart

CIRCLE Percussion was founded in 1973 and was the first known non-Japanese, western percussion ensemble to play the Taiko-drums. We are in possession of the largest O-Daiko outside Japan, which was made by Asano Taiko in Japan. All our members are highly skilled musicians with a Master degree in music. Most of our Taiko drummers were trained by Kodo with whom we have toured with in Japan and Europe.

Feniks Taiko
contact: Grete Moortgat, President of Araumi Daiko Taiko Organization email:

Haguruma Daiko Deutschland
3347059 Duisburg Germany
Contact Person: Peter "SU" Markus
Tel: +49 203 314176
Fax: +49 203 314176

Haguruma Daiko Deutschland was founded in 1997 by Peter "SU" Markus and Frank Dubberke. Both are students of the japanese Taiko-group "Wadaiko Haguruma". They were entrusted by their Japanese teacher to represent and to spread the special style of Haguruma Taiko drumming in Europe. The group "Haguruma Daiko Deutschland" conducts a Taiko-school in Duesseldorf/Germany to offer lessons and workshops in Taiko all over Europe. "Haguruma Daiko Deutschland" keeps their own live-group for stage performances.

Hanadon See Taiko Group Hanadon

Hibiki Daiko e.V. Taikoschule Chemnitz Reichsstraže 1a 09112 Chemnitz (Germany)

Nice, France
33-(0)4-93-16-85-45 or

Kagamidaiko was set up by Karen Zeidan when she moved from Tokyo to Nice in 2004. She continues to study with her sensei, Masaaki Kurumaya in Fukui (, each year to continue to learn and takes her students to study with him directly as well. Karen also has the good fortune to be closely linked with Liz Walters - the founder of Tamashii School of Taiko located in London.( The group also practices with a group in Italy called Kyoshindo .( We all believe in following the Way of Taiko( TaikoDo).

If you are interested please feel free to contact Kagamidaiko. No experience is required.

Kagemusha Taiko P.O.Box 128
Exeter, EX4 6YT
United Kingdom
Tel/fax: (01392) 494486

Based in the south-west of England, and operating nationwide, Kagemusha Taiko is a non-profit arts and education organisation, dedicated to the development and nurturing of an English style of Taiko, while enhancing understanding between cultures through international artistic collaboration. Kagemusha Taiko is engaged in the following programs: Junior Taiko - Taiko classes for young people, and the development of a Junior Taiko Group; Community Outreach - Taiko workshops for schools, youth clubs, and other education or charitable organisations; Taikomotion - Taiko courses for adults, and the development of a community-based performing group; Brother Drum - exploration of the possibilities of cross-cultural fusions involving Taiko, creating and performing a new, Japanese and Anglo-Celtic music; Teambuilding Workshops - for business organisations and others.


PO Box 5124, Lanark, ML11 0WA
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax: +44 (141) 644 4971

Neuhofweg 51
4147 Aesch BL

Seiwa Taiko

Shin Daiko
Duisburger Strase 60
40479 DPsseldorf, Germany
Contact: Josef Lang
Tel: +49 0211-4981079

Stockholm Taiko Club

[This group is now defunct. The following information is for historical purposes.] The first taiko group in Sweden, Stockholm Taiko Club, was founded in 1992. The group was taught by Iwakichi & Noriko Yamashita of Kyoto, Japan.

Taiko Do
Associazione Culturale Taiko Do
Via Milazzo 22
00185 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 6 4457249
Contact: Rita (

Taiko Do means The Way of the Drum: a path of inner search where body, mind and rhythm melt together in a single breath. It is a slow search, and each member of Taiko-do is an active part, bringing their own experience which spans different fields from music to dance to theatre. The relationship between sound and movement, rhythm and energy is thus the core of Taiko Do work. Starting from the Japanese drumming technique, Taiko Do seeks a new performance mode, joining different cultures and traditions. Taiko Do produces concerts and events, organizes classes, workshops and conferences. All events are open to anybody who would like to get in touch with cultures different from their own.

Taiko Drammers

Taiko Group Hanadon
Egelantiersgracht 72-31015 RM
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: Jeannette Van Steen
Tel: 0031 20 6236851
Fax: 0031 20 6236851

Taiko Meantime
Contact: Mark Alcock

Taiko Meantime is a new Greenwich-based Taiko group. Its aims are to pool, develop and display the vast potential of those who have begun their study of Taiko in both Japan and the UK.

Takenoko Neuhofweg 51
4147 Aesch BL

Tamashii School of Taiko
Sensei Liz Walters (
London, UK

Tawamure Wadaiko
Brussels, Belgium
E-mail :

The Taikogroup "Tawamure Wadaiko" was born out of the enthousiasm of six taikoplayers in 2003. Herman Verrijcken (co -founder of Tawamure Wadaiko) organised several Taiko workshops in Merchtem as from 2001. The group is active around Brussels and has found a home in the "Pop and Rockschool NOISE GATE vzw" in Ternat. Tawamure Wadaiko organises regular workshops with the German Taiko veteran Peter Markus who founded "Haguruma Wadaiko" in Dusseldorf, open to all - Belgian and foreign - Taikoplayers. Member of the "Belgian Taiko Federation"

Tentekko Taiko Gruppe
Niersterstrasse 101
40668 Germany
Contact: Monika Baumgartl Tel: 02150-5046
Fax: 02150-2282

Tentekko Taiko Gruppe was first formed in 1989 as the 1st taiko group in Germany. Tentekko Taiko began performing in 1991. Sensei Monika Baumgartl began studying taiko in 1988 and has studied with many groups in both Japan and the USA.

Wadaiko Haguruma Deutschland
Postbox 101347
47013 Duisburg
Contact: Perter "Su" Markus
Tel: 0049-203-314176

Founded 1997.