Rolling Thunder: Music and Sounds

Explore the pounding pulse of Taiko yourself! Follow the links to hear what the various Taiko drums sound like, then download some sample Taiko music for a taste of the big drums in action.

Hear The Sounds Of Various Taiko Drums

Awa Dance
Awa Dance has Taiko sounds you can hear. (This link is under new construction for the next Awa Festival!) Awa Dance! If you dance, you're a fool! If you don't, you're a fool! If you're a fool either way, then dance! Sohn! Sohn!

Kabuki for Everyone
Check out the Kabuki for Everyone page, to hear how Taiko sounds in Kabuki theater. This is a very well done page. Highly recommended.

Music Hot Line
Music Hot Line is an online music store with descriptions of Nagado-daiko and Tsutsumi. There are real audio clips to hear the sounds of the instruments.

Taiko Music You Can Download!

Hi no Daiko
Hi no Daiko has several sound files available, including a clip of Mikuni Miyato Bayashi.

Kodo maintains a extensive web site with a discography page. Click on a album cover, and you will be able to download a song from that album. Some video clips are also available.

Brent Huber has a image of him playing Miyake-daiko and a sound file of the Miyake rhythm. This is part of Brent's nice collection of photos of Japan called Tokyo Eyes.


Ondekoza has an audio clip of the week, as well as an archive of previous week's sounds.

San Francisco Taiko Dojo
San Francisco Taiko Dojo give you a chance to "experience taiko and hear the words of Tanaka" on their web page.

San Jose Taiko
San Jose Taiko has several pieces of music available for you to listen to.

Yakudo Taiko
Yakudo Taiko has a discography page with sound files of many of their songs.

Taiko Resource Tutorial Sounds

The Taiko Resource provides a brief tutorial for those people interested in learning Taiko rhythms but who are unable to find instruction in their area. Sound files that accompany the tutorial are available for download. Sample rhythms of kuchi-showa are available, as well as Sansa-daiko, a festival song.