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As Taiko continues its rapid growth throughout the world, there is a lot of news and exciting developments to keep up with. The Taiko Resource will keep you up to date with the latest news, interesting articles and other hot information.




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Kenny Endo's collaborative performance, January 3, 1999 with the Honolulu symphony is reviewed by the Honolulu Star.

Matsuri Shu Year End Concert, December 13th, 1997. Review by Rolling Thunder.

Ondekoza November 9th, 1997 performance. Review by Angel of Sceneplay.

Watsonville Taiko's 6th anniversary concerts, October 10-11, 1997. Review by Rolling Thunder.

Kodo's Earth Celebration 1997. Review by Dan Frio.

Kodo's Earth Celebration 1997. Review by Bonnie Carpenter.

Kodo's Earth Celebration 1996. Review by Peter Hacke.

San Jose Taiko's Rhythm Spirit 1997 concerts. Review by Rolling Thunder.

CDs and Videos

Kodo video: Rock'n' Kodo. Review by Rolling Thunder.

Kodo CD: The Hunted (soundtrack). Review by Djembe magazine. Published here by permission.

Kodo CD: Live at the Acropolis. Review by Djembe magazine. Published here by permission.


Interview with Kenny Endo

Kenny Endo has studied both modern Kumi-daiko taiko drumming and classical Hogaku drumming extensively. He talks about his history as well as little known aspects of taiko drumming in this interview.

Interview with Kelvin Underwood of Ondekoza

Kelvin Underwood is a featured performer with Ondekoza. The North Carolina native has been with the group for over three years, and talks about his experiences with the group.

Interview with Neil and Miyuki from Mugenkyo

Neil and Miyuki are founding members of England's first professional Taiko group, Mugenkyo. In this interview by Jonathon Kirby, they talk about the group's formation, and their current activities.

George Abe Interview

George Abe was one of the founding members of Kinnara Taiko. Paving the way for many of the groups that followed, Kinnara has been influential in the development of North American Taiko. Mr. Abe makes and sells yokobue and shakuhachi, and in this interview, talks about the early days of Kinnara as well as his contributions to flute playing.