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Taiko Group Newsletters from Europe, Japan and North America

European Taiko Group Newsletters:

Mugenkyo newsletter avaliable from:

44 vince court
Charles square
London N1 6HN

Japanese Taiko Group Newsletters:

The Kodo Beat is an English quarterly newsletter focusing on the activities of Kodo. It is now offered as a benefit of their Friends of Kodo club, as explained below in the Taiko Organizations section. There is a monthly Japanese newsletter called Kodo as well.

148-1 Kaneta-shinden
Ogi, Sado
Niigata, 952-06 Japan
Tel. 0259-86-3630
Fax. 0259-86-3631
e-mail: JDC03000@niftyserve.or.jp

Oedo Sukeroku Daiko has a newsletter.

Oedo Sukeroku Daiko
Hosono Bldg 1F
2-1-13 Sotokanda
Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 3255 3484

North American Taiko Group Newsletters:

Katari Taiko has a self titled newsletter.
c/o Diane Kadota Arts Management
Suite 103
1014 Homer St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9

Portland Taiko has a newsletter call Kiai.
PO Box 6795
Portland, OR 97228-6795
(503) 295-9709

The San Francisco Taiko Dojo issues a bi-annual newsletter called Tsunami.
The Taiko Showroom
1581 Webster Street, Suite 201, San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone/fax: (415) 928-2456

San Jose Taiko has a newsletter call Odaiko. Some issues are available online
Roy Hirabayashi
Managing Director
PO Box 26895
San Jose, CA 95159
Tel: (408) 293-9344
Fax: (408) 293-9366
Email: sjtaiko@taiko.org

Stanford Taiko has an email mailing list. To subscribe, send email to "Majordomo@lists.Stanford.EDU" with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe stanford-taikonews

Tatsumaki Taiko of the San Francisco Bay Area has an email newsletter. To subscribe, send a email to tatsumaki_taiko@hotmail.com

Watsonville Taiko publishes the Bachi Beat
Watsonville Taiko Group
c/o Sandy Crouser
PO Box 1673
Watsonville, C 95077-1673

Zenshuji Zendeko publishes the Zenshuji Zendeko News.
Zenshuji Zendeko
123 S. Hewitt St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Taikology (In Japanese)
Asano Taiko Co. Ltd
148 Fukudome, Matto City
Ishikawa Prefecture 924
Tel: 0762 77 1277
Fax: 0762 77-2228
Email: wadaiko@nsknet.or.jp

Online Resources:

Rolling Thunder is the most comprehesive sort of taiko information on the net. Enjoy!

Lorraine Compton, of Yuko Daiko, runs a Taiko Folder on America Online. Type "mmc" under keyword, then look for "World Beat". Scroll through the choices until you get to "Taiko".

The San Jose Taiko Club is hosted on the Yahoo! Clubs site.

Taiko Museums:

If anyone is going to Japan, there are various Taiko museums to visit. Miyamoto Taiko is in the Asakusa section of Tokyo, walking distance from the famous Kaminari Mon. Asano Taiko and Taiko no Sato are out in the Kanazawa area in the Prefecture of Ishikawa. Miyamoto Taiko and Asano Taiko are highly regarded as places to go to buy taiko and related stuff.

Miyamoto Taiko Museum
(part of the Miyamoto drum making company)
Asakusa 6-1-15
Taito Ku
Tokyo 111
Tel: (03) 3874 4131
This museum is rather small, and is located on the 4th floor of Miyamoto Daiko. There is a nice collection of instruments from around the world. A great feature of this museum is that you may actually play a selected collection of instruments from Taiko to Balimphone. Miyamoto Daiko also has sound studios and drums you can rent for practice, and occasionally sponsor workshops and performances

Taiko no Sato
148 Fukudome, Matto City
Ishikawa Prefecture 924
Phone: 0762 771277
Fax: 0762 77-2228
Email: wadaiko@nsknet.or.jp

This museum is run by Asano Daiko, and is located across from the main showroom. A nice collection of Japanese Taiko and drums from around the world, including a gamelon and a monster 6 shaku Odaiko. Practice space and drums are available for rent are also available for rent. Admission is free.

Other Taiko Organizations:

Friends of Kodo is for anyone interested in Kodo's activities. There are three tiers of membership privileges, with increasing membership fees.
148-1 Kaneta-shinden
Ogi, Sado
Niigata, 952-06 Japan
Tel. 0259-86-3630
Fax. 0259-86-3631
e-mail: JDC03000@niftyserve.or.jp

Taiko Center's Friendship Club
56 Katsura Chiyohara
Nishiki-ku, Kyoto 615
Tel: 075 (392) 6975
Fax: 075 (392) 6978
Email: postmaster@taiko-center.co.jp

Taiko Preservation Society
Tamamura Takeshi
Echizen gonbei daikohozonkai
Nishi Kashio 10-1
Fukui ken