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Taiko Sheet Music

The growing interest in taiko among university music departments and professional musicians has led to an increasing amount of requests for taiko sheet music. Rolling Thunder is pleased to be able to offer several freely distributable compositions at no charge.

The Sansa-daiko rhythm is also notated in the Online Tutorial

Taiko Sheet Music

While there is completely adaquate written notation for classical Japanese drumming traditions such as Noh, Kabuki and Nagauta, kumi-daiko is strongly influenced by festival taiko that has an oral tradition of instruction. This has limited the availability of transciptions of the music. With the surge of modern taiko groups, and especially with many fine composers now creating taiko music, more songs are now being notated.

The following compositions have been contributed by Mr. Koki Suzuki, President of Suzuki Taiko Ten and the leader of Ohmagari Taiko Dojo. While these songs are freely distributable, the copyright remains with Mr. Suzuki, and he should be credited where appropriate.

The top line of each staff indicates the shime-daiko part. The middle line of each staff indicates the chu-daiko part. The bottom line of each staff indicates the odaiko part.